2 dead in Bangkok mall shooting

A 14- time-old boy was arrested on Tuesday after a firing at a packed Bangkok boardwalk that left two people dead and five wounded and transferred hundreds of panicked shoppers running in terror into the thoroughfares.

2 dead in Bangkok mall shooting
2 dead in Bangkok mall shooting

substantiations told AFP of chaotic scenes as shots chimed out at the upscale Siam Paragon boardwalk in the heart of the Thai capital around 0930 GMT.

The firing comes just days before the first anniversary of the deadliest butchery in ultramodern Thai history, when anex-policeman armed with a gun and cutter attacked a nursery in the country’s north, boggling 24 children and 12 grown-ups.

National Police Chief Torsak Sukwimol told journalists that two women, one Chinese, one from Myanmar, were killed in the boardwalk firing, and five other people were wounded.

He said the 14- time-old suspect was in guardianship but was too confused to suffer questioning.

” He’s a internal case at Rajavithi Hospital and he has not been taking his drug,” Torsak said.

” He said it was like there was another him telling him who to shoot.”

videotape footage showed a long- haired boy wearing a black shirt, spectacles, and a cap with a US flag motif being taken into guardianship by police.

Yuthana Srettanan, director of the Erawan Emergency Centre, told journalists that all but one of those who were shot were women.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin offered condolences to the victims’ families and said he was covering the situation nearly.

” What I watch about most right now is the safety of all citizens,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

” I ask all workers to cover the situation, and may everyone be safe in Bangkok .”

A private academy called The substance, just metres from Siam Paragon, verified the suspect was one of their scholars and offered condolences to the victims’ families.

” We’ll unite with the authorities and investigators for the benefit of those involved,” Wiwat Catithammanit, director of the$ 4,000-a-term academy said in a statement.

substantiations described scenes of fear as the attack unfolded at Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok’s top shopping destinations, monstrously popular with excursionists and Thais likewise.

” At around 430 pm, I heard loud gun noises, continuously, about 10 times,” Thanpawasit Singthongkham, 31, who works at a Japanese eatery in the boardwalk, told AFP.

” also the department store blazoned that there was a firing. The exigency sign was turned on and everyone ran to get out.”

In footage participated with AFP, he recorded a scrum of alarmed shoppers scrabbling under essence security gates blocking shop entrances, before they fled down exigency stairwells as enchantresses Bangkok.

In another videotape, participated on Facebook and vindicated by AFP, scores of people can be seen in the boardwalk’s basement auto demesne being directed by loudspeakers.

Dozens of police vehicles and a number of ambulances could be seen outside one of the shopping centre’s main entrances in the wake of the firing.

” I heard multiple shots– about three times– and saw people running around towards the exits,” Nattanon Dungsunenarn, who was shopping in a branch of thrills drugstore, told AFP.

” It was veritably chaotic and sounded like numerous people did not know what exactly was going on.”

” We did not know what was passing, also staff from a shop asked us to go outside and said there was a shooter,” Chinese sightseer Xiong Ying, 41, told AFP.

” Everyone was trying to find a place to hide. So numerous people were scarified, just like a scene in the zombie pictures.

” I now feel relatively spooked. It happed just like two twinkles after we left by crossing the ground. We indeed took prints there.”

nearly a time on from the October 6 nursery butchery, the boardwalk firing will raise fresh questions about gun control in Thailand, which has one of the loftiest rates of arm power in the region.

In 2020, a former army officer went on a rage in a shopping boardwalk in Korat, boggling 29 people and wounding scores more.

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